9. Sınıf İngilizce Çalışma Kitabı MEB Yayınları 28. Sayfa Cevapları
7 What kind of problems are people faced with after an Earthquake? Read the dialogue below and
fill in the blanks with expressions of complaints and suggestions from your coursebook.

Dan: There seems to be a problem.
Chloe: It might be a good idea.

8-There is a huge storm coming towards your city and the authorities warned you to spend the night in your basement. You need to decide what items you need to take with you.

ITEM                                     REASON
1. blankets                            to keep warm at night
2. radio                                 to listen to the news
3. flashlights                           to enlighten the environment
4. lighter                                 to light a fire
5. mobile phone                     to communicate with others
6. raincoats                           to keep dry
7. knife                                 to cut things

After making a list, decide on the most important three items in case of an emergency.

1- radio      2- mobile phone         3-lighter

9. This is a student’s paragraph about his/her imaginary animal. Complete the blanks with a suitable word.

The name of my imaginary animal is  dinazor  It can live both on land and in the sea. It
is  about 80 kg. In case of danger it can change its fur according to its environment.
For example, it can turn white on snow. Its highness can reach up to 2 metres
so it can reach the branches of high trees. It gives birth to only one baby every 20
years, so it’s a rare animal.

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