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9. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı MEB Yayınları 23. Sayfa Cevapları
e. Fill in the blanks with rising / falling.
We use falling intonation for information questions.
We use rising intonation for yes/no questions.

a. Track 13 Listen to the dialogues and fill in the blanks.

Jack: Hi, Kate, I’m surprised to see you here. I thought
you dislike shopping.
Kate: Hello Jack, you’re right. I’m not into shopping at
all but I’m here for Sue. It’s her birthday tomorrow, so
I want to buy a present for her.
Jack: What are you going to buy for her?
Kate: Well, she prefers colourful clothes but this store
is a bit expensive for me.
Jack: Mmm, you know what, I’ll take you to another
store. It’s much cheaper than the previous one.
Shop Assistant: Hello, How can I help you?
Mike: We’re looking for something colorful .
Shop Assistant: For you, sir?
Mike: Oh, no. For a friend of us. She’s female.
Shop Assistant: All right. What would you like to buy?
Mike: Actually, the blouse over there is really pretty.
Kate, I guess you and Sue have similar sizes, right ?
Kate: That’s true. Excuse me, May I try this red blouse
on ?
Shop Assistant: Sure, here you are. The changing
room is right behind you.
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